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270 000 households and families in France used Selectra for their domestic energy or internet access in 2017. Last year, Selectra enabled its clients to save 6,7 millions euros, and the Planet to save 10 000 tons of CO2. More info (French)

Call Centre

Our advisors will help you find the most competitive energy prices according to your profile.

Online Comparison Tool

Our energy comparison tool collects all the prices offered by energy suppliers so that you can find the best price for your home or business.

Bill Analysis Service

Send us your energy and telephone bills to be analyzed by one of our experts. We will contact you to propose a cheaper offer.

Group Purchases

Have you thought about collective purchasing for your electricity and natural gas? Join the Club Selectra and use the power of numbers to negotiate a group rate

Business Model

Our service is transparent and 100% free for the user. We earn our income from our partner suppliers, who give us a commission for every customer we send to them.

In the long term, we aim to expand our selection of suppliers to give our customers a wider selection of offers.

In 2017, Selectra was responsible for 16%* of the newly acquired clients by alternative suppliers in France.

* Estimation by Selectra with input from the Commission de régulation de l'énergie, excluding EDF for gas and Engie for electricity.

Our Mission: to inform the consumer

Today, about half of people in France still don't know that they can use competition in energy supply to reduce their energy bills.*

Our team publishes detailed, objective, and timely information about energy on a daily basis. Our goal: to contribute to informing the customer about this complex and lively subject.

Our content allows us to gain visibility on the web, and spreads the message that French consumers can take advantage of competition for their energy supply.

* 50% for electricity and 51% for gas (energie-info survey, October 2015).

50 million unique visitors to Selectra group's pages in 2017

Key Figures

25 million in revenues in 2017

750 associates in the world

The startup Selectra

2007 : foundation

Selectra was born in March 2007 when two Sciences Po students took the crazy risk to launch their own company (aged only 19 and 20 years old!). July 2007, the French energy market was opening to competition and it naturally caught their attention. In the meantime, they set up the original website (selectra.info). Their enthusiasm and resilience overcame any reservations their potential partners might have held about entrusting part of their commercial policy (business development strategy) to two young students with little professional experience.

Selectra in the world

Throughout Europe and the world, in all countries with energy markets open to competition: our business model works internationally. The key to our success? We recruit nationals of our target countries, and put them through an accelerated start-up incubation process. Selectra Madrid was our first experiment in taking our business model abroad, and today leads the Spanish market in energy comparison services. We also sell contracts in Italy and Belgium, where break-even was reached in 2015, as well as in Portugal, Austria, Turkey and Japan.

Selectra, experts on saving on all bills

No resting on our laurels here - since 2013 we've diversified into comparing internet and mobile phone offers, and saw impressive growth in both activities in 2014. Our goal is to reach the same level success in our new activities that we've achieved in our Energy branch. In July 2014 we acquired the website Echos du Net, a leading information portal in telecommunications news.

Our Team


Do you want to help us grow Selectra internationally? Whether it’s for commercial, web content, human resources, communication, or web development, our teams are growing every month as we expand and develop our activities.

At Selectra, merit and involvement are the most important factors in your professional development, in contrast to what might be the case in larger, traditional companies. We aim to keep our start-up spirit, with a relatively "flat" hierarchy and regular parties.

L'équipe Selectra à Paris


Aurian De Maupeou

Aurian De Maupeou

Graduate of Sciences Po Paris (Master in Finance and Strategy) and from the University of Saint-Gallen (Master in International Affairs) Aurian has also lived in Asia while studying on exchange at Waseda University (Tokyo) and at the Korea University (Seoul). Self-taught in web design and development, Aurian is in charge of SEO strategy, web tools, and business development.

Xavier Pinon

Xavier Pinon

Xavier holds degrees from both Sciences Po Paris (Master in Finance and Strategy) and from Columbia University (International Affairs, concentration in International Energy Management and Policy). He is also interested in Asia, having done an exchange at Tokyo University in Japan. Xavier supervises the commercial side of Selectra as well as the development of web content. He is the co-author of the book, "Le marché de détail de l'énergie", about the retail energy market in France.


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